Early on in the company's history, officials realized they could better control a job site if they had their own material supplies and hot-mix plants. They subsequently pursued the lease of San Angelo's Willeke Hill and other quarries. CSA (Crushed Stone and Asphalt Products) Materials, Inc. was formed in the 1980s.

Asphalt plants, some of them portable, are deployed at the quarries and serve not only the needs of Reece Albert, Inc., but scores of CSA customers who do their own paving.

"I believe I work for people who have high expectations to produce the kinds of materials our customers want," says Wesley Coleman, CSA plant manager. "We strive to produce aggregate that not only meets all requirements but exceeds them."

The range of customers who regularly line up at "the hill" is silent testimony to CSAs success in meeting this goal. There are trucks from federal and state highway departments, city and county governments. And there are pickups driven by faithful dads who simply want a yard of sand for a backyard sandbox.

All are valued customers at CSA, and therein lies its real strength.